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Identify what is inside your nesting block during a MASON BEE HARVEST

When harvesting mason bee cocoons, you’ll discover many other things in your nesting material. We’ll teach you what the mysterious bits are inside your nesting block.


UC Riverside Study on Pollen Mites and Chalkbrood –

How to Transition Old Nesting Material to Healthy Nesting Material –

As part of our rental program, you release bees into your yard and rent our nesting blocks. In the fall, you return your nesting blocks and we harvest and clean all the cocoons and nesting blocks.
As part of our harvest, we place all the clean cocoons on a light board and sort ALL of them by hand. This is tedious work that takes months to complete. We do this to pick out all the non-viable cocoons. Either the larva didn’t form completely, or it was compromised by a predator. The compromised cocoons will glow amber when we place them on a lightboard. We can easily identify those cocoons and remove them.
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