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VIDEO – Guest Speaker for Sound Waters University – Solitary Bees, Learn More About These Gentle and Incredible Pollinators

Learn all about blue orchard mason bees and leafcutter bees in this 45 minute educational presentation for Sound Waters University. We share videos and photos to teach you everything you need to know about solitary bees.

There are over 20,000 species of bees and 90% of them are solitary. Learn about solitary bees, why they are such incredible pollinators and how they are helping to enrich our habitat and ecosystem. We will talk about two types of solitary bees – the Blue Orchard mason bee and leafcutter bees. We have videos and photos so you can spot a solitary bee in your garden. We will share tips on attracting these solitary bees to your garden, and will share tips on how to garden safely to protect all of our pollinators.

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