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Teach Your Neighbors About Solitary Bees & The Importance of Not Spraying Pesticides

Last season we got a call from a host who was very upset about coming home and finding that all his mason bees had died. While he was away, his neighbor on the other side of his fence sprayed their yard with pesticides which harmed not only his mason bees, but all our fragile pollinators. That night we created a sign for all of our hosts to use to teach their neighbors about how harmful pesticides and chemicals can be. Plus, many neighbors hear the word “bee” and they get scared you have them in your backyard. As we all know mason bees are some of the sweetest pollinators we have that don’t sting.

In this blog, we provide information for you to teach your neighbors about these gentle and friendly pollinators and why they’re so important to our ecosystem. Below we provide educational videos, safe gardening tips and a printable Yard Sign that you can laminate and put on your bee house or insert inside their mailboxes.

We appreciate your help to spread the word and teach everyone about our important pollinators.

Printable Sign – “POLLINATORS AT WORK”- (scroll to bottom of blog)


We have written several articles on safe ways to take care of your garden and information about solitary bees.

SAFE GARDENING TIP – 10 Ways to Safely Remove Slugs Without Using Chemicals and Harming Mason Bees

Mason Bees Don’t Chew Wood… Those are the Carpenter Bees

SAFE GARDENING TIP – Learn Safe Ways to Remove Dandelions


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