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Return Refund Policy

Below lays out what you have agreed to by participating in our bee rental policy. Under the return policies you will find a legal rental agreement document. If you have any questions about our rental policy or agreements, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at (206) 954-2175. Thank you for supporting solitary bees!


We will contact you by email at least two weeks before it is time to return your bees. You are responsible for checking the email that you provided to us for return dates and locations. If you received your bees by mail, you will have a 30-day period to mail your bees back to us in NW Washington State. If you need a replacement return label, contact us at [email protected]

If you picked up your bees in person, you are responsible for bringing them back to us at one of our schedule events or drop boxes provided by our host nurseries.

We are not affiliated with these host businesses so bee kits cannot be left outside of the arranged event dates. We want to maintain positive relationships with these organizations and we appreciate your cooperation.

We understand that lives are busy and sometimes event dates get missed. If you are unable to return your bees to your preferred location on the date we will be there, you are responsible for mailing the bees back to us. Our mailing address is 19813 51st Ave SE Bothell, WA 98012.

We are able to offer our bees at a discounted price because we are able to grow more bees to work with more farms in the Pacific Northwest. If you do not return your bees within the 30 day return window, your credit card will be charged the full retail value of the bee kit ($150). We do not want to do this, but when the bees are not returned, their health is jeopardized and we lose bees.


We clean and inspect every single cocoon that we raise and so we do our very best to provide the highest hatch rates but as bees are a part of nature, we cannot guarantee the hatching or nesting behavior of the bees. We do not provide refunds for bee kit rentals or for no-show reservations.

Bee Amazed

Mason bees
visit up to
flowers a day
400 Mason bees
do the work of
honey bees
One Mason bee
block can hold
bees per acre
to pollinate their