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REFILL for Leafcutter Bees (includes 100+ bees)

Grow more vegetables with the pollination help from gentle leafcutter bees! For those who already have an outer bee house in their yard, this kit includes everything you need to host leafcutter bees in your yard. We will mail your bees directly to your home in time to pollinate your blooming summer vegetable garden and flower beds (shipment time varies by location). 

This kit includes: a leafcutter nesting block filled with 60+ leafcutter bees inside and return label that you can use to send your bees back at the end of the season. Don't have a bee house already? Rent our Leafcutter Bee Kit. Want to rent mason bees too? Reserve our Pollinator Package Insert which includes both leafcutter bees and mason bees.

If you make your own bee house and want to use our nesting blocks: Here is the link to show you the dimensions of our nesting blocks to see if they'll fit in your bee house.


Bee Amazed

Mason bees
visit up to
flowers a day
400 Mason bees
do the work of
honey bees
One Mason bee
block can hold
bees per acre
to pollinate their