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GIFT OF BEES - Send a Mason Bee Starter Kit

Give the Gift of Mason Bees! These gentle, low-maintenance pollinators make an excellent gift for gardeners, families with kids, and the eco-conscious. We will ship the Gift of Mason Bees directly to their home in early spring.


  • At checkout, enter your information in the Billing Address
  • Enter the Gift Recipient name, email, phone and address into the Shipping Information
  • Click the bubble for 2-way shipping. You will pay a flat rate for 2-way shipping. One-way to send them their bees and in their kit will be a return label to send the nesting block back to us in September to get cleaned (they keep the black house).
  • We will NOT notify the gift recipient, but as the one ordering, we will send you your order confirmation.
  • The Gift of Mason Bees will be shipped directly to their home in early spring. They will receive a reminder email one week prior to their arrival. Directions on how to install the bee kit will be included in the package along with a return shipping label.

Then, you can CLICK HERE to print or email a gift certificate to send your friend or family member, with details about their gift and how to register their mason bees.

SENDING MORE THAN ONE GIFT?? Please create a new order for each gift of bees that you send.

The Gift of Mason Bee includes: a mason bee house, bee nesting block, 50-60 mason bee cocoons inside of a white tube, bag of clay, and pollinator seed packet.

VIDEO - Watch How to Set Up Your Mason Bee Starter Kit -

OUR SERVICE INCLUDES FALL CLEANING: At Rent Mason Bees we offer a way for people to be a part of their food source and help native solitary bee populations, but not have to worry about doing the fall cleaning which is critical when hosting mason bees. When you rent our bees, you keep your black house and send your nesting blocks back to us in September. We will then harvest and clean all your cocoons to remove harmful predators like pollen mites, Houdini fly larvae and chalkbrood. Then, we sterilize all your nesting blocks over fire and flame to burn any remaining predators. After they’re all cleaned and dried, we place them on a light table and pick out any non-viable bees. They are then placed in cool storage to safely hibernate over winter. The bees we send you will be healthy, strong and eager to pollinate your blooms.  


Bee Amazed

Mason bees
visit up to
flowers a day
400 Mason bees
do the work of
honey bees
One Mason bee
block can hold
bees per acre
to pollinate their