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Protect the Health of Solitary Bees – Article by Colin Purrington

Colin Purrington wrote a great article about the importance of using the right type of mason bee nesting block & then cleaning your block & cocoons in the fall. Pollen mites, fungus & Houdini flies are evasive predators that can harm bee populations.

We realize that some people want the entire year experience of caring and cleaning mason bees, but for those who want to support bees and get their yards pollinated but not worry about cleaning all the mites off cocoons, sterilizing the nesting blocks and storing safely over winter, they rent from us. We will clean all the predators off your bees & help promote the health of our solitary bee populations.

Read article here:

Photo Credit: Hundreds of Krombein’s hairy-footed pollen mites on a mason bee. Image by @GeeBee60.

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