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OUR BEES – Blue Orchard & Horn-Faced Mason Bees & Leafcutter Bees

WHAT ARE SOLITARY BEES? Unlike the social honey bees, solitary bees do not have a queen, do not live in a hive and do not produce honey. Without the need to protect a queen and honey, solitary bees are gentle, friendly and non-aggressive. Each female must find or create her own nest, and collect all of the food needed to feed herself and her eggs. Your kids and pets will be safe in the company of solitary bees! At Rent Mason Bees, we work with three species of cavity-nesting solitary bees, which can be kept in bee houses and are critical for pollination of our food crops.

Our Bees Are Sustainably Raised. Our bees are certified by the Orchard Bee Association (OBA), which means they are sustainably raised and inspected. When working with mason bees, there are strict guidelines that have been implemented to protect bee populations. We follow the suggested guidelines and ensure that all our bees are separated by region so that when they are cleaned and stored over winter and sent out the following spring, they go back to the region they originated from. We also follow OBA guidelines and best practices for successful shipping of live mason bee cocoons. To reduce risk, we ship only dormant cocoons with adult bees with an ice pack to keep them cool so they are unlikely to emerge in transit.

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Mason bees
visit up to
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400 Mason bees
do the work of
honey bees
One Mason bee
block can hold
bees per acre
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