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NEWS – Solitary Bees are Vital to Our Food Production & Ecosystem

Solitary bees are super pollinators and vital to our food production and ecosystem. Leafcutter and blue orchard mason bees are two of the most productive bee species used for crop pollination. They belly-flop onto flowers and collect pollen all over their bodies, which enables them to pollinate 95% of the flowers they land on and they can visit up to 2,000 blossoms a day. “Bees are a crucial part of our ecosystem,” says Jim Watts, owner of Rent Mason Bees. “A third of the food that we eat is directly pollinated by bees. We need bees to pollinate our food and we have to protect our bee populations.”
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Mason bees
visit up to
flowers a day
400 Mason bees
do the work of
honey bees
One Mason bee
block can hold
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