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Mason bees are a great gift to give this holiday!

Friends and family near and far will enjoy receiving the Gift of Mason Bees under their tree!

If you’ve enjoyed hosting bees from us, you can now mail them to your friends and family across the United States. Depending on where you’re sending your gift will determine the species of bee we send. Learn about what species of bee pollinates your area. (Click here to learn about our bees)

Order now and you can print a gift certificate to mail or put under the tree. In spring, we will mail your gift with everything they need to host mason bees in their yard. This will include a mason bee house, nesting block, bag of clay, flower seeds and 50-60 slumbering mason bee cocoons ready to pollinate your yard.


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Bee Amazed

Mason bees
visit up to
flowers a day
400 Mason bees
do the work of
honey bees
One Mason bee
block can hold
bees per acre
to pollinate their