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VIDEO -How to deter birds and paper wasps

The large gap between your nesting block and the roof of your black house is also a great nesting site for birds and paper wasps. You can deter them by stuffing the space with natural yard material and make a cute landing pad for your bees and fill the gap. If you don’t have any yard material, wadded up newspaper will also do the trick.   Extra bonus… it will also help keep your white bee emergence tube in place.


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    • Thyra McKelvie says

      Hi Catherine,
      It’s best to hang on a flat surface, not a tree, in warm morning sun through afternoon sun. This will warm them up in the early morning. – RMB

      • Gail Ball says

        I just received my bees and Spring has not started yet in Wichita KS. There are no flowers yet so do I wait until everything starts blooming before I put my bees out?

        If I have to wait, then just leaving them in my cool basement be enough until the flowers start blooming?

        Thank you

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