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Mason Bee Houses – Why black houses help mason bees?

After being in the solitary bee industry for over 50 years, we’ve worked with bee biologists and experts around the globe and have found methods to create the best mason bee houses and nesting blocks. At Rent Mason Bees, all our bee houses and nesting blocks are made in our wood workshop. We make thousands of bee homes for backyard gardeners to decorate and pollinate your yard. All our nesting blocks are made with holes of a precise size to support laying eggs and keep their babies safe. We also place a cardboard backing on the back of their nesting block to keep out predators and create a dark tunnel for bees to lay their eggs.

So, why do we paint their protective homes black and not a cute Dr. Seuss house? Black attracts the sun and in the morning warms up those slumbering bees so that they can start their day bright and early pollinating your yard. Think of it as their cup of coffee, that warms their insides and revs their engines for a productive day of pollinating over 2,000 flowers.

In this picture we’re spray painting all our bee houses to get them ready for spring gardens.

Even though it’s still chilly outside, now is the time to order your bees for spring gardens!
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  1. Robbin Mujica says

    Another source suggests that the bee box be painted white. I painted my bee box in brown and yellow, making a sort of wood grain look. Any suggestions will be appreciated, thank you. [email protected]

    • Thyra McKelvie says

      Some people like to paint and decorate them, which is fine. We wouldn’t suggest white. That will deflect the sun. Ours are painted black to attract the sun and warm them up. Since they are early spring pollinators, they’re emerging right after winter so temps at night may be chilly. You’ll want to place the house in a nice morning sun so that it will warm them up.

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