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Did You Know Mason Bee Cocoons are Waterproof? Learn about how we clean them

Did you know that mason bee cocoons are completely waterproof? We wash our bees to remove pests like mites and chalkbrood fungus. Check out our video of the cleaning process!  test

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  1. Ronda Pettit says

    Hi, I enjoyed the video. Thanks.
    I have harvested my Mason Bees
    and placed them in a refrigerator.
    The temp. is 30 degrees. Do you think that is too low? Also, I just placed them in there and did not “slowly” lower the temp.
    I’m wondering if this will harm them? What should the proper humidity be in the refrigerator?
    Thanks for your help. 😊

    • Thyra McKelvie says

      Hi Ronda. Great question. Thank you for asking. 30 is to cold. We aim for 35-40 degrees with 50-70% humidity.

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